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Ivory Raye, N.D.

My Journey Into Naturopathic Medicine....

My Journey


            I spent most of my life in the business world.  I have done office work, accounting, management, customer service, and administrative work since I was 16 years old.  Although I enjoyed what I did, I found that I had a yearning for something different, something that would inspire me to continue learning, something that would create joy and meaning in my life, and a profession that would allow me to help people find balance, health, and happiness.  It was a number of things that led me to this profession, not just one specific event or inspiration.


When I was 25, I experienced a variety of health concerns that were taxing on me physically and emotionally.  There didn't seem to be an answer for the way my body was reacting, and I sought out several doctors and tried a number of pharmaceutical agents that did not address my condition.  In fact, I felt worse after months of trying different prescriptions.  I ended up working with a holistic practitioner who helped me address all my symptoms by addressing GI and liver health.  Diet changes and natural substances were recommended.  I was amazed at what happened in the process.  First, there was an intense grief and fear which I experienced when I was told to stop eating wheat / gluten (among other food allergens).  It's very common now, and it seems that people are much more open to it since the "word is out".  However, it was a very different concept to me.  Once I transitioned into what I now realize was an elimination diet, I experienced something amazing.  All of the skin symptoms that I had been experiencing, along with most of the intense GI upset disappeared.  I still had more work to do, but it was an amazing experience.  Witnessing what diet change alone could do was very moving.  That was the beginning of my own personal journey towards Natural Medicine.  The path of healing and understanding didn't end there.  It was just the beginning.  There was so much to learn.


In addition to being committed to learning what I could for my own health and wellness, other events impacted my decision to go back to school at 30 and to pursue a path in medicine.  When I was 27, I experienced a deep and moving loss.  My younger sister died, and it impacted my whole family in a profound way.  I began to understand grief in a way I had never imagined, not only personally but also how it impacted those I knew and loved.  It quickly moved me into a state of pursuing my spiritual path, and it allowed me to reflect on the kind of person I wanted to be in this world.  I was able to reflect on who my sister was for me and for those who were blessed to know her.  She was truly a beautiful, kind, caring, and uniquely loving individual.  I decided that though I could not erase the loss I had experienced, I could help others deal with loss.  I could show up in the world with love, compassion, and a desire to help make it a better place. 

          As I sit here and reflect on my journey, I have a deep sense of gratitude for my family and for my sister.  Without the life and experiences that I have had, I would not be here today doing the things I have chosen to do.  It inspires me to know that even out of grief and loss, a brighter light can emerge, a light with hope, love, and the ability to transform.

I can't offer a specific reason why this path is important to me or why I chose it.  I can only explain that somehow this path chose me.  I believe that I was led to this path.  Guidance, intuition, and life experience brought me to this place, to this moment, to where I now stand and to whom I have become.  It hasn't been an easy path, but I wouldn't change it.  I feel incredibly blessed to know that I can help people not only to find physical health but also to move through emotional phases and find balance in their life.  I am here to hold space for my patients, my friends and family, and for my community.


My belief is that helping people in any form contributes to the greater good.  Any person or profession that aims to assist in helping people is making our world a better place.  It's my hope to be a vessel of support and guidance for people on their journey, whether the journey is a physical, mental, or emotional journey (perhaps all three).  My deepest desire is to help people find inspiration and balance in their lives, to encompass joy and wellbeing.  When this is attained, the collective is healthier, happier, and life just works better.  My goal is to empower my patients to know that they can make the changes they need to obtain health and happiness. Together, we can journey towards the shifts that they would like to see happen in their lives.


I have been extremely lucky to see amazing healing transformation in my patient's lives.  I have seen people who were in extreme pain find relief.  I have seen physical and emotional roadblocks shift so that not only do physical symptoms disappear or become manageable, but the entire person interacts in the world in a more functional, interactive, and inspired way.  I think seeing the way that people begin to show up for themselves, their health, and their lives is what has been the most transformative and inspiring.  When a person feels moved to be a part of the change, there is nothing more powerful.  The tools that naturopathic medicine has given me are vast, and it has allowed me to work with my patients to find the right treatment plan for them.  Realizing that each patient has different goals and individual needs has allowed my patients and I to find freedom in the way that we work towards their health goals.

Naturopathic medicine compliments other medical fields.  Understanding the body from a scientific standpoint is important in all medicine.  The approach and treatments can vary between different practices of medicine.  However, these different approaches to patient care allows the medical community to work together to do the best job possible for patients.  I find it extremely important to work with other practitioners and co-create optimal health care.  Building a network with experts in different fields allows the medical community to decrease the chances of missing important clues, to increase the possible treatment options, and it allows us to create a support team for our patients.  One of the most important lessons I have learned is to know my strengths and my weakness, as well as to build a strong network of knowledgeable colleagues.



Naturopathic medicine can compliment other forms of medicine in that it specializes in diet and nutrition analysis, alternative testing options, and natural approaches to shift the body into homeostasis.  It also offers a philosophy that focuses on treating the whole person, finding the root cause of disease, and provides alternative treatments for optimal health and healing.



Gratitude & Inspiration

A Note About Gratitude



As I reflect on the many people who have supported me on my journey, I am deeply moved and filled with gratitude. There has been no shortage of mentors, friends, and loving family.  I would like to take a moment to say "Thank you".   Even during my most challenging moments, there was always someone to remind me of the journey, the purpose, and the light.


We have all experienced times where it was difficult to be grateful.  In life, it's easy to focus on what's going wrong, on the never ending "To Do" list, on the things that we want and don't have.  However, when we change our thoughts towards what we do have, towards what went right (even if it's just a thank you for the little things), then we have created a shift in our feelings about the event, the moment, and our lives.  Shifting our feelings from a need / want state into a gratitude / abundance state gives us the opportunity to be EMPOWERED and to focus on the POSITIVE. 


Take a moment to remember what and who you're grateful for.....or take a few moments and make a "Gratitude List".  It's a wonderful practice, and a great step on your journey towards Health, Happiness, & Balance.

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